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Support Musical Entrepreneurship

And the economic development it creates!  I’m in for $100…

Haiti Sings increases the visibility of talented, unknown artists from Port au Prince, who sing about their lives and represent their culture. Through music, we promote awareness and development.

What is the issue, problem or challenge?

Artists in developing communities have little knowledge of their legal rights and marketing techniques. Local laws and an absent government often encourage informal and insecure music industries and professions. Furthermore, in these locations there are few programs and organizations that encourage the arts and cultural expression for several reasons, including limited resources. These musicians are their communities storytellers. They need to share their culture and history with the world.

How will this project solve this problem?

Learn more at and get involved in supporting the cause!


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What does it mean to be a Sales Marine?

This ground breaking, first of its kind college course is designed specifically for sales in entrepreneurial environments.

But this is no ordinary academic course.  It is an exercise infused, competitive boot camp for real startup selling!

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Welcome to the State of Appalachia!

The 51st and finest, it’s more than a place, it’s a state of mind.

As a region, the state of Appalachia recognizes geographic and cultural alignment over manmade boundaries and nonexistent constraints.

As a philosophy, the state of Appalachia is richer in people, perseverance and pride  than it is in natural resources and mountainous heights.

At its heart is the Ohio Valley.  Poised with all the natural and human force to explode through historical stereotypes, ready to surpass even the Silicon Valley as the nation’s source of new leadership, innovation and accomplishment.

The state of Appalachia is where community and contribution collide creating the entrepreneurial currency of a cherished legacy for the next generation’s economy.


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