Welcome to the State of Appalachia!

The 51st and finest, it’s more than a place, it’s a state of mind.

As a region, the state of Appalachia recognizes geographic and cultural alignment over manmade boundaries and nonexistent constraints.

As a philosophy, the state of Appalachia is richer in people, perseverance and pride  than it is in natural resources and mountainous heights.

At its heart is the Ohio Valley.  Poised with all the natural and human force to explode through historical stereotypes, ready to surpass even the Silicon Valley as the nation’s source of new leadership, innovation and accomplishment.

The state of Appalachia is where community and contribution collide creating the entrepreneurial currency of a cherished legacy for the next generation’s economy.



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2 responses to “Welcome to the State of Appalachia!

  1. Edward L Cotton


    Let me tell you about the State of Appalachia.

    In Nashville Tennessee they have built a full scale reconstruction of the Parthenon from the Athenian Acropolis of Greece, one of the founding locations of modern intelligence. Nashville declared itself “The Athens of the South” because of the numerous intellectual institutions founded around the city such as Meharry Medical College, Belmont University, and Vanderbilt University.

    This self-proclamation by Nashville is fine, even though we know that the true protector of wisdom, strength, and civilization is Athens, Ohio located in the center of the state of Appalachia. If Nashville, Tennessee is the Athens of the western world the state of Appalachia will take on a moniker of its own.

    The Roman Empire was the strongest civilization of its time period; even Athens became a centerpiece to this Realm. As we draw references to the greatest civilizations in history I say we let Nashville be the next generation Athens, and we make the State of Appalachia the next generation Roman Empire.

    In conclusion the 51st state may not be a state at all it might just be an empire; however the key is having the state of mind to build it. The people, perseverance, and pride of this area are what has led the nation in the past and what continues to be the source of new leadership and innovation. We the people of the state of Appalachia must continue the legacy to drive our economy through our entrepreneurial avenues as our forefathers have. So that we may change our recognition as a region into

    “The Appalachian Empire”

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