Cyber Center Innovation

I submitted an application for the “Pitch Your Idea” contest being hosted by CreateWV this weekend on Saturday, October 27, 2012.  I was selected to pitch in the semi finals which are open to the public beginning at 1:30.  There is a dinner following at 5:30 where they will announce the winner.  The winner’s pitch will get funding to create their idea.

Please come out for a great time to support a great cause.  The more people the better in person and online (tweet, blog or resend it to a friend!).  Go to to register for the dinner.

Here’s my Pitch!

Creating a West Virginia Cyber Center Club delivers an innovative space in thought, time and place that would enable young, curious minds to explore technology, its principles and applications, through hands on, professionally lead experiences.

  • WVCCC will combine students with skilled specialists and access to advanced equipment to learn the extent of technology’s possibilities in an experimental atmosphere.
    • Students will be able to investigate many types of technology including electronics, programming in a variety of languages, defending a network, web design and multimedia applications among others. They will have the opportunity to compete in activities based upon their interests, which can include anything from music and fashion to entertainment and gaming.
  • WVCCC activities will enable career awareness highlighting the importance of technology in a developing world.
    • Students will learn about technology through hands-on experience. They will gain real-world experience by directly interacting with professionals in the fields of technology, business and media.
  • WVCCC will help foster opportunities for networking and development through job shadowing and co-opting.

Students will learn how technology impacts their interests and future careers, part of a key initiative for developing West Virginia’s future workforce.


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