Vision: We create new jobs, stimulate the economy, and enhance existing business competitiveness in the marketplace.

Mission: To provide an experienced, trusted ecosystem of leadership, sales and entrepreneurship solutions for individuals, businesses and start-up ventures.

GAK3 is a business venture development and investment company offering dynamic solutions and educational assistance to strengthen startup and growing business ventures throughout the country and especially in the Mid Ohio Valley.

Our learning and resource center provides distinct direction and educational opportunities in leadership, sales, and entrepreneurship. GAK3 provides services to individual professionals and business owners interested in beginning a new business for the first time or improving and expanding an existing business venture.

As a venture investment company, GAK3 leverages our core competencies together with financial support to provide instant value and impact. We are establishing new ventures in three sectors:

  • Enterprise Ventures are large, complex initiatives in professional services, healthcare, and technology industries.
  • Micro-Business Venturesencompass four principles:
    • Serve a personal desire
    • Require minimal investment
    • Live vicariously through great stories
    • And potentially become an exponential success
  • Charitable Ventures embody the principle of giving back by donating time, talent and treasure to organizations that support education and economic development.
Read about our philosophy & services in GAK3 Executive Brief

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