Greg Kaple has been a serial entrepreneur for more than 15 years beginning with his first venture providing internet research services, CyberSearch, to college students in 1995.  While attending school at Ohio University for Business Marketing and Finance, Greg worked with the University’s business incubator helping business startups like Specialty Books’ launch one of the web’s first ecommerce sites and the National Business Incubation Association’s online venture capital matchmaking database in 1996.  After occupying roles with Microsoft as a product manager for Project ’98 and PricewaterhouseCoopers as a business turnaround consultant, Greg began a career in enterprise sales with AT&T.  It was there that Greg honed his skills for business development with clients such as Columbia University, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Ernst & Young.

In 2001, Greg launched another successful venture, TeamDynamix, to provide online project management and collaboration services.  The company continues today with more than 30 clients and $2M in annual revenue headquartered in Columbus OH.  Greg completed his Masters Degree in Telecommunications Management from the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken NJ in 2005.  During his work on a ground breaking thesis for applying real options theory to managing operational risk in IT, Greg met his business partner and launched Integrated Management Services, a professional services firm specializing in technology management and process improvement.  IMS’ fifteen full time professionals contribute to the Firm’s leadership as the premiere provider of total service delivery solutions for AmLaw 200 law firms, national healthcare providers and global service organizations.  Greg is also the founder of GAK Enterprises, a management holding company built to support Enterprise, Micro-Businesses and Charitable Ventures.  There four rules of Micro-Businesses 1) to create a product or service that satisfies a personal desire and is not readily available 2) requires low cost of entry 3) is fun to live vicariously through the stories of running the ventures 4) they have the potential to take off with exponential growth.  GAK’s current ventures include a franchise of upscale men’s barbershops called Kennedy’s All American Barber Club, a new media for the masses creative production company called Nvision and a premium pork products distributor called the Wholesome Hog Co.

Beyond his commercial business ventures, Greg is a passionate supporter of investing in education and enabling the future of America’s competitiveness through grass roots programs that give back.  He’s been a member of the Ohio University Sales Centre Advisory Board since its inception in 2004 and recently joined the advisory board of the newly formed Ohio University Centre for Entrepreneurship where he’ll be teaching a joint venture class between the two programs on Entrepreneurial Sales.  Originally from Dayton OH, Greg has grown up with strong ties throughout the Ohio River valley and recently moved back to Parkersburg WV from 12 years of living and working in NYC to settle down with his wife to begin a family and help support a vision of making the Appalachian territory from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati the new global leader in workforce competitiveness and economic development.


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    Thirteen years away and coming home to stay – Hoboken residents move to the Mid-Ohio Valley to open their entrepreneurial and leadership consulting services to local businesses. Gregory and Stephanie Kaple, both graduates of Ohio University, left Ohio in 1997 to find opportunity in the city that never sleeps. In the past thirteen years, the Kaples created individual but diverse paths to eventually marry into a company they started together. Gregory’s expertise is within the telecommunications industry specific to business process improvement, reducing cost and risk while increasing revenue through innovative and realistic strategies. Stephanie’s international exposure created a foundation for fluency in Spanish and she invested those skills in a local private Catholic high school to manage the foreign language department and teach Spanish. Together Greg and Stephanie own GAK Enterprises and brought their company to Parkersburg, WV to help the local economy. Even though GAK started in New Jersey, its roots has merits of an “Ohio-style” company because Gregory and Stephanie built it to create local, meaningful relationships no matter where they live. While GAK is a compilation of both of their names, back home it stands for Growing Appalachian “K”ompanies (highlighting the “K” in the last name) focusing on building and maintaining local economic development.

    GAK Enterprises is an entrepreneurial and leadership consulting company focusing on enterprise, micro and charitable ventures. Its focus in the Mid-Ohio Valley is to offer consulting services for small business start-ups, executive leaders, and secondary and collegiate level schools. Consulting services include retail franchise development, strategic planning workshops, business development, coaching and mentoring, entrepreneurial sales training and foreign language acquisition for students and adults.

    They’ve been evangelizing the Mid-Ohio valley as New Yorkers ever since they left never forgetting their roots. As of April 2010, they finally put a personal stake into what they’ve been preaching and moved home. They left their home in Hoboken, NJ (one mile outside of New York City) to return to Parkersburg for a simpler work-life balance. It is just 20 minutes from Stephanie’s hometown of Fleming, Ohio thanks to Corridor D. Gregory is from Fairborn, Ohio, suburb of Dayton. Their neighbors continually ask them “Why Parkersburg?” They say it’s the same reason why locals stay or returned themselves. They needed a simpler, slower life where they could live with family and friends and still be entrepreneurs among the Appalachian Hills. Mayor Bob Newell says it best “ I want Parkersburg to be a place that when your children go away to college they want to come back here and live.” The Kaples are Parkersburg newest residents to come back home.

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