Enterprise Ventures are large scale, economically intense and potential high returning business ventures.

Current Enterprise Ventures:

Integrated Management Services

Vision: To be an incubator of expertise, innovation and service delivery capable of launching improbable concepts into the realm of infinite possibilities.

Mission: To generate total service delivery outcomes for our clients by empowering our people to exceed expectations.

In 1989 Integrated Management Services (IMS) was started with a vision that the mind conceives, the brain creates and the body experiences. The concept was that a diverse group of driven professionals could create a practice as broad and deep as the world of ideas to experience the possibilities of delivering excellence that exceeds expectations.

IMS recognized how difficult it can be for individuals and businesses to keep up with new information, methodologies and technology in today’s increasingly complex and fast moving business environment. To serve this challenge, IMS provides innovational expertise through frictionless service delivery for our audience to seamlessly link to and leverage their strategic requirements with operational execution for exceptional results.

IMS serves clients in the legal, healthcare and corporate industries through its practices in Process Improvement and Technology Management by providing unique capabilities and business leverage to reduce cost, improve efficiency, mitigate risk and increase revenue.

New Enterprise Venture Interests:

Healthcare & Life Sciences

  • Aging in place services
  • Assisted living services
  • Medical devices & procedures
  • Biotechnology

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