Expert Experience

Senior Partner, Integrated Management Services – IMS provides clients in the professional, healthcare and service industries with the ability to reduce cost, improve processes, control risk and increase revenue.  Greg manages a skillful duet of client delivery and expert innovation offering best of breed solutions by linking ideas and objectives to people, processes and assets creating sources of exponential leverage.  Since founding the technology practice 5 years ago, Greg has advised senior executives in more than 30 organizations helping them set a clear path to take advantage of evolving business dynamics and maximizing organizational, operational and infrastructure resources. IMS’ strategy is to facilitate the realization of distinctive results by focusing this leverage with the highest level of subject matter expertise, ground breaking methodologies and an uncompromising commitment to excellence to enable clients to reach exceptional heights.

Founder, GAK Enterprises Inc. – The purpose of GAK Enterprises is to open avenues to experiment with new ideas and let passion drive results. The organization seeks out niche products or services within the following markets: personal productivity, education, entertainment, service distribution and luxury living.  The GAK mission epitomizes Greg’s belief that the heart of every achievement is passionate people practicing personal pursuits.  By acknowledging that powerful self-discipline together with a sense of play can be a source of personal leverage, GAK’s micro business initiatives bring to market personal desires with minimal investment for the benefit of living vicariously and potentially realizing scalable success.

Executive Board, Ohio University’s Sales Centre – Greg Kaple is an Executive Board Member of the OU Sales Centre where he contributes to the strategic planning for the organization.  He was elected Executive Committee Secretary and charged with developing the process for strategic and operational planning including the development of the Centre’s intranet for committee communication and document tracking.

He constructed the value prop and systems to support sales and renewals for the Society of Friends for the Sales Centre and a national network of sales centre chapters.   Together with corporate development and efforts of other board member, he has contributed to securing more than $400,000 in annual funding and a $2 million named endowment.

Greg’s personal pride is the Coach and Candidate mentoring program.  Together with several student candidates, he created the practice 2006 to deliver a coaching process that includes an introspective personal assessment, goals and metrics planning, execution and portfolio competition of the candidate’s accomplishment’s judged by peers.  He created the “More than Kaple-able” Award to be given to one student each year for demonstrating outstanding accountability and accomplishment.  The winner is treated to a trip to NYC to participate in the IMS Expert Expo and attend the summer NYC Sales Centre Chapter social as the guest of honor.

Global Account Manager, AT&T – Greg was a key contributor to AT&T’s New York City Enterprise & Global Communication Solutions for clients such as Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Columbia University, Pennie & Edmonds LLP, Oliver, Wyman & Co. and Riskmetrics Inc. As the AT&T Global Account Manager for Ernst & Young LLP, he lead the development of a Global Network, Disaster Recovery and Voice Communications solution.

Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers – After completing his undergraduate in Finance & Marketing from Ohio University, Greg began as a consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers’ bankruptcy, litigation & business turnaround practice. It was here that he worked with a list of international law firms and enterprises assessing their complex business systems and legal challenges, producing strategic recommendations and tactical follow through to improve cost structure and drive efficiency.


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