Greg Kaple, Terms of Engagement

Expect Excellence, then Exceed Expectations

I generate uncommon value from seemingly common things. Simply put, that is my secret, and it can also be yours.

I do this by utilizing principles of linkage and leverage—together with coaching and practice—to empower individuals and organizations to capitalize on opportunity, manage risk, and realize their full potential.

If you want to be more than Kaple-able, here is what I can do for you:

1. Presence

2. Problem Solving

3. Communication

4. Management

5. Production

If you’d like to engage these services, below are my standard terms for engagements.


I bring focus and clarity to your personal and professional objectives.  $300/hr for coaching and brainstorming on an as-needed basis.


A custom scope of work to deliver defined outcomes over a set period of time and for a defined cost typically beginning at a $5,000 level


This includes such things as funds raised, referrals for sales, networking, and strategic introductions typically ranging between 5-10%

Custom Arrangement

Bringing my full focus of commitment and energy, you use my range of business know-how and resources to realize your full potential.

I approach this in two ways:

Advisor – contribution of my experience and skills to a venture for an equity stake typically ranging between 1-2%.

Advocate – active commitment of my relationships and abilities to a venture for an equity stake typically ranging between 2-10%.

Partner – full investment of my professional resources to a venture with established roles and responsibilities for an equity stake typically starting at 20%


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