Micro-Business Ventures follow four principles:

1. Serves a personal desire

2. Requires minimal investments

3. Lives vicariously through great stories

4. And potentially becomes an exponential success

Current Micro-Business Ventures:

NVISION Performance Solutions LLC

Media for the masses! Based on innovations in HD camera technology, production studio software and creative skills and capabilities, Nvision is able to bring media production presence to every executive, artist, athlete & artisan that envisions raising their A game to a new level.

Wholesome Hog Co.

Purveyors of premium pork products, the Wholesome Hog Co. seeks to do for sausage what Starbucks did for coffee!  As a model for appalachian arbitrage, the Wholesome Hog Co. delivers quality products from the pig to areas that would otherwise over look the opportunity.  Working with local farmers and small processors, the Wholesome Hog Co. is currently working on bringing sausage gravy and biscuits where its never been before.  To the diners and restaurants of the NYC Big Apple!

New Micro-Business Venture Interests:


  • Retail Gaming Store
  • Game Models & Production
  • Community Bookstore
  • Country Cookin’ Restaurant


  • Private tutoring in Mid Ohio Valley
  • The University of Excellence


  • Appalachia Airlines
  • Helicopter Commutes
  • Private Chauffeurs


  • Rental property in Hoboken, NJ
  • Custom men’s jewelry
  • Experience travel
  • Executive lodging (time share corporate apartment with clothing cleaning and storage)


  • Steamed Bagel Deli Sandwiches
  • Ohio Style Pizza
  • Perfect Days in a Bottle
  • Custom Carpentry (Corn hole boards, beer pong boards and shoe shine stands)

Successful Venture Exits:

Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club

Our first and foremost micro-business venture is with A.T.Thomas, owner of Kennedy’s All- American Barber Club at the Winter Park, FL location. Through GAK3’s recent expansion with its personal grooming division, Lookin’ Good LLC, this partnership with A.T. Thomas has already proved its worth as GAK3 has built significant investor relationships and prac- ticed its communications and education training principles as both teams build, implement and license a strategic and operational plan for the store.

Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club prides itself on providing customers the opportunity to achieve the status of an “Ultimate Gentleman.” Lookin’ Good LLC and A.T. Thomas pro- vide the strategic and operational vision of the Winter Park location so the store can excel not only in the daily operations but also future storefront opportunities and Kennedy’s franchisor relations.


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