John Haselmann, Managing Partner, Integrated Management Services LLC

It was a virtuoso performance –– while I may have set up the meeting it was Greg who orchestrated & executed it flawlessly – Greg was in complete control and two steps ahead in every way possible –I learned more about “going paperless” not only w.r.t. Law Firms but Medical Centers & Corporate America as well– educational to say the least – inspirational for sure – virtuoso absolutely – if only I could have videotaped it.

Vincent J. Cordo, Jr., Global Director, IT Service Delivery, White & Case LLP

Wow… This is brilliant… I really appreciate this Greg!

Ken Levonaitis, CIO, McCarter & English

I can always rest assured when I know you are involved.    I appreciate you paying attention to the detail and value our relationship.

Terry Williams, Director of Managed Technology Services, LexisNexis

I wanted to give you the heads up on how absolutely thrilled we are with the work you provided to the Client.  Quotes such as “Excellent” “More than we expected”  “Really what we needed” “Truly impressive” and “Recommending we work with IMS if we want a chance to succeed” were just a couple of the points of feedback.  Congrats for coming through!

Trenton Haack, Vice President of Qualitative Services, Burke Inc.

Sorry for the delay in responding but do not take that as a sign of anything – really it was great to hear from you.  I can always trust that you and your need to network the entire planet will ensure that you always hunt me down.

Jeffrey PeterkaOhio University, College of BusinessCorporate Leader & Delta Sigma Pi

Just wanted to let you know that I finished the Alchemist today and I appreciate you giving me the book. When I started to read the book it reminded me of the story I told you and Stephanie (about) not getting the VP of Finance position my Sophomore year, me being devastated that my scheduled path to President was unachievable, and then a king came around. Instead of two stones and a gold chest plate, this king came with an idea, knowledge and a passion for helping college students achieve their potential… YOU.  That made all the difference in my college career and you kept helping me achieve a Personal Legend in college, which has helped shape me for the future.


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