Expect Excellence, then Exceed Expectations

Competitive Athlete – Fitness, Yoga, Wrestling, Tennis, Soccer

Intelligent Student – Ohio University, Stevens Institute, West Virginia University, University of Dayton

Organizational Leader – OU Corporate Leader, Delta Sigma Pi, OU Sales Centre

Business Innovator – OU Innovation Centre, NBIA, TeamDynamix, GAK3

Successful Professional – Microsoft, PricewaterhouseCoopers, AT&T, IMS

Business Process Expert – Sales, Innovation, Planning, Project Mgmt

Curious Adventurer – Reading, History, Travel, Geography, Singing, Spanish, Public Speaking

Loyal Companion – Family, Friends, Business Network, Colleagues, Clients

Consummate Perfectionist – 2 Step Ahead Motto, Calculated Risk, Committed Follow thru

Ultimate Achiever – Experience, Contacts, Results Delivery, Revenue Creation

* Enlightened Spirit – Open & Aware, Ambitious, Confident, Humble, Empathic


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